Every year around Christmas time you get to hear the song “Do They Know its Christmas” played all over the radio and stores throughout the world.  What many people don’t know is who, in fact, co-wrote the song that would help spearhead a movement that gave hope and promise to an area of the world in dire need.

And in our world of plenty we can spread a smile of joy, Throw your arms around the world at Christmas Time. -Do They Know Its Christmas 

That person is Bob Geldof, Irish singer song writer of the Boomtown Rats.  In addition to having several hits like “Rat Trap”,”I Don’t Like Mondays”, and “Banana Republic”, Geldof also made a name for himself by playing Pink in Pink Floyd the Wall in 1982.

But why, “The Irony of Bob Geldof”?  Well for me, I knew who the Boomtown Rats were before I knew of Bob Geldof.  To me, the Boomtown Rats were a great punk band who transformed to a more pop inspired sound like many of their counterparts when the 80’s came around.  However, through their handful of hits, my favorite song of theirs to this day is ” Looking After #1.” 

The world owes me a living
I’ve waited on this dole queue too long
I’ve been standin’ in the rain for fifteen minutes
That’s a quarter of an hour too long.

I’ll take all they can give me
And then I’m gonna ask for more
Cos the money’s buried deep in the bank of England
And I want the key to the vault

I’m gonna take your money
Count your loss when I’m gone.
I’m alright, Jack,
I’m lookin’ after number one.

If I want something I get it
Don’t matter what I have to do
I’ll step on your face, on your mother’s grave
Never underestimate me I’m nobody’s fool

(repeat chorus)

Don’t wanna be like you.
Don’t wanna live like you.
Don’t wanna talk like you, at all.

Don’t give me love thy neighbour
Don’t give me charity
Don’t give me peace and love or the good lord above
You only get in my way with your stupid ideas

I am an island
Entire of myself
And when I get old, older than today
I’ll never need anybody’s help in any way.

(repeat chorus)

Don’t wanna be like you.
Don’t wanna live like you.
Don’t wanna talk like you, at all.

I’m gonna be like
I’m gonna be like
I’m gonna be like ME!

The irony for me lies in the transformation of a man who started a successful band in 1977 with a song titled “Looking After #1” and reached his zenith with a song that spured perhaps the greatest amount of generosity the world has ever seen.  Since we are at Christmas Time… my gift to you is the Irony of Bob Geldof…  Enjoy!!!